Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Verifying Some Facts For You - Please Read

I've had a few replies from people who seem confused about a couple of aspects of these videos. A couple of people thought Andy might be autistic or mentally disabled in some way. They were concerned about me making these videos about him.

I want to point out to anyone concerned that they should view the disclaimer video, which explains that Andy has no medically recognized illness or disability. He is simply too unmotivated as a person to persue a proper education. At play here is mass ignorance, granted, but as you all well know, being thick is not a disability. In fact, such a statement connecting the two would be insulting to anyone who has a mental disability. I'd not condone a video series about someone who can't help being a certain way. It would be a horrible thing to do! From my ethical standpoint.

The 15 years I've known Andy have taught me that he's the way he is because he could never be bothered to apply himself and grow as a person. He never tried to retain anything of what was going on around him.

It's not just that he had problems in school. He couldn't even motivate to bother attending most of the time! You see what we're dealing with
It is with this in mind that I will state that you can watch 'Duz Andy Know?' in one of two mindsets:

1. Firstly you can see it as a comedy about someone who is a thicko and agreed to make this series to make himself more "socially known". Who even asked me, reminded me to make sure I make this show. You'll see comedy in my narrative text on screen. Those are not me really being nasty though. It's the kind of thing I'd say to him, as someone who has known him for a decade and a half, and you get to share my thoughts. You might find what he says funny too based on how astonishing it is. Don't worry, you're allowed to laugh. He's not disabled. :)

2. Or you can view this series as an intruiging almost documentary like explorative idea, delving into Andy's brain. Andy was chosen as the subject of this series because I deemed him radically different to anyone I've ever met. Yes I've known people who are ignorant before but I'm not talking about that. He's so unmotivated, so uncaring to learn, with the one life that's been given to him (unless you're a buddhist - no disrespect meant) that it becomes an intruiging case study, even just for me and those who know him. Some of us are discovering just how deep this pit of ignorance is. Some people who knew him since 1998 didn't know that he had never made a cup of tea or coffee before in his life.

If some of you can enjoy the series too as a result of seeing these unusual things, then all the better.
In the end, it's for your entertainment, but everything is 100% genuine.

If anything is ever staged down the line, we'd say so on screen. We'll never lie to you, I promise you that and I swear whole-heartedly with my word. On my honour.

I hope you can enjoy the series. Please feel free to submit queries or questions/challenges for the show. I'm also active and everything you send will be read, guaranteed.

All the best


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