Monday, 15 February 2010

Episode 8 Insight

You know what? I know just how unbelievable this episode looks. I know it so well that I was worried about releasing it. The problem is, it's all true. That makes me feel a strong sense of justification that what I'm doing is right. Yes my door is a little harder to close than most doors, granted. But you saw how easy it was when I reached my hand into shot and closed it? I didn't slam did I? Just upped the strength factor a little.

For me, this episode is like a documentary, looking at Andy's physical approach to life. He really doesn't have enough oomph in him to close my door. It's like a Simpsons Mr Burns thing or something, in my mind and I suppose that is the angle that I'm showing it to you from, for comedy. But as I said, it's much much more than comedy to me, this one especially.
For example, the way Andy knocks my door is very weak. You can hardly hear the sound inside the house. He says he's worried he'll break the glass...
This is a person that worries and thinks way too much yet not enough about other things. On one hand he's scared of breaking the glass so doesn't even knock the door at anywhere near average strength yet will do something like fall asleep in the bath tub. I don't know, I just...don't.

Andy has so many unusual aspects about him that I'm going to be hard pressed getting them all on film. Again though, this proves to me what an interesting case study he is for this series, and why I've gone to so much effort to get these shows out to you. I feel that, the world needs to have a record of this man, that science needs to know of his existence - that in some way, some how, it's really important to do so.

This episode was filmed on two cameras. The one inside is Andy's. I instinctively knew that we'd need two. Cutting them both together was a lot of fun and a new challenge for the show, in technical terms.

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