Monday, 31 May 2010

Mail From A Viewer

Here's a piece of mail that arrived from a viewer recently:

I've been enjoying your "Duz Andy Know" videos quite a bit. It's hard to put into words how they make me feel though... I don't really know whether to laugh or to cry when I see them. What worries me most is Andy's complete lack of ego. Doesn't he ever get a little bit angry? Doesn't he ever feel he's being underestimated and go out to try to prove his worth? It would be healthy if he did...

Of course, it could be that deep down Andy is actually kind of hurt by this negative attention but he lacks the self-esteem to defend himself... Or he's simply too lazy... Either way, have you tried a bit of positive encouragement? It might help him. It's clear he's not inherently "universally challenged", which makes it so sad to see him throw away all of his potential, which I'm sure is there... Oh well :)

All the best,

(Name ommited for privacy)

I thought this was a very well considered correspondence indeed, so I replied:

Ah yes Duz Andy Know? Well thanks for watching that too! Your reaction of discomfort and perhaps an almost guilt over whether to laugh or not is not uncommon, I assure you. Knowing him as I do though, for 15 years, I am rolling on the floor at him by now. I have to. It's my life to put up with it, gotta laugh or I would sob. 

He doesn't get at all angry, nope.
He's so relaxed and chilled he's almost dead, lol. I think that's why he never learns anything.

No he lacks the drive to need to learn, so whatever that is that makes him ignorant, it stops him even in the videos. That and he knows that the show is going for a particular sense of humour. He's accepted that he is interesting to people I think (even if it's not in a good way) and wants to help me make a show that is undeniably unique in its content.

That's the thing, I've tried encouraging so many times in the past. I've known him for a decade and a half - and as I think about the time I've wasted/invested into ways to improve him, help him, drag him out of his crazy little world he lives in I always end up getting screwed over it, losing in time or money, or sometimes sanity. Andy has this effect on everything and everyone he touches. He drains the life out of everyone. All that is good will die by his touch, as it were.
You may think this is an extreme way of saying it, but all of his friends would agree. He just keeps letting you down and making you suffer for trying.

So I thought, sod this, he's a real unique case. Let's turn this into something interesting. Let's show the world quite what it is that I and the other people who know him have to deal with on a daily basis, lol. It'll be like group therapy, I figured. It is too, because I'm getting to talk about how frustrated we all are, lol.

Yes he does have potential. He's a very good artist for drawing things like ships for example. He lacked the drive to take it anywhere though. He lacked the interest in life and the ego to want success.

This series is a sort of testament, a warning, a message of documentary to show what happens when you allow someone to grow up as ignorant as this.

All the best to you


Ep 17 Pre Release Info

Well here it is, the news you need to know. Episode 17 'Man Minus Brain Equals?' is released on 7th June 2010. I'll let you wonder about the title for a while, hehe. It was filmed based off of some impromptu filming I started to do in his bedroom.

Episode 16 - Third Time Lucky? Say Black Game Reprise

Out now. Watch it here -

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

100 Subscriptions

We've reached the 100 subs milestone.
Keep telling your friends. Tell them to tell their friends. Let's see who this is suitable for out of people you know.

Spread the message, the show - a warning - pay attention because this may happen to you. lol.

We're really grateful, guys. Thankyou.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Mixing For Ep 15

Just mixing some music for episode 15. You're going to hear a new different Arctic Monkeys track used here. Track number 5 from their debut album. It fits perfectly. You'll see...

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Finding The Time

What's quite funny is that Andy (as of the 12th May) hasn't watched episode 14, yet also hasn't watched ep 12 or 13 either. You'd think he'd find the time to get round to watching a programme about himself wouldn't ya? lol

Ep 15 Pre Release Info

Episode 15 will be released twelve days after 14, on the 24th May to account for Andy soon going abroad. It will be titled 'Andy Duzn't Know'.

Keep an eye out on this blog and the official facebook page, because I plan to have more updates of info to come between that date and now. Why not join the blog or facebook page, then it will notify you of updates rather than you checking. 

All the best!


Duz Andy Know? Episode 14 - General Ignorance

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ep 14 Pre Release Info

I think one person's response to episode 13 on YouTube best sums it up. "lol".

Quite. With that said, I have some episode 14 pre release info for you good people. 14 will air Wed 12th May on YouTube. It will be titled 'General Ignorance'. This episode will find Andy going through a Q&A session.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I've added episodes to's site at the moment. I made an account for the show show too.

Not sure how all of this works yet, but here's a link to the page to support/vote for it -

Monday, 3 May 2010

When I Can't Take Anymore

There's more scarily shocking things coming up on the show. You won't believe your eyes with some of it. In one upcoming episode I actually have to stop the show just to speak my mind to the viewers, because I can't take anymore. LOL.

I think I should be paid danger money to put these episodes out. My WTF gland is medically suffering from all of the face-palmage.

Episode 8 Response Video

Thanks Highwaymanartist for your response video, which can be seen here -

50 Subscribers

That's 50 subscribers to the show now. Lots more view it, but 50 are signed up as subs. That's the first milestone! Well done everybody, because this is a community programme/event, it's your input that has and will help to make the shows too.

Get your questions in to the show and see if you get your name mentioned in an upcoming episode, along with your question/challenge!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Ep 13 Pre Release Info

Episode 13 will air Wednesday 5th May 2010. It will launch as the first of a new type of episode within the series. It will be called 'Andy Unseen (Deleted Scenes)'.

You can expect there to be a sequel episode eventually and so on.