Tuesday, 30 November 2010

New News...of Newness

Alright, so Andy did go to Ghana and I'm sure you're wondering what the hell happened out there. Well, there's going to be a two part episode dealing with that very topic - coming up soon in December.

Furthermore, as part of the December entertainment lineup, I'm going to be putting out an episode a week. A week into December you will be seeing 'Episode 37 - Challenge: Tie A Tie Knot'.
A week after that you will see 'Episode 38 - 'Bus Driver Game'.
Around about Christmas time, you can see Episodes 39 & 40 all about his Ghana trip! I will withold the titles of those as they are content spoiler...
Then right at the end of December you can catch 'Episode 41 - Noah's Ark...Or Was It Moses?'

Looking forward to showing you this and everything else I know that is coming and wish I could show you now!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

35 & 36 Pre Release Info

Next week is a DAK double bill of episodes in part one and part two (Numbers 35 & 36) titled 'Oh (Big) Brother!