Sunday, 31 January 2010

New Episode 3 Reply Video

This one from Lory just in.

Duz Andy Know? Episode Five - Andy Watches Episode 4...

This is a great one. You have to have seen episode four for it to make sense though. After the stupidity that was ep 4, I commented at the end of the video that I bet Andy still doesn't understand what the game really is. I wanted to put that to the test. So I set up the camera and filmed Andy watching episode four for the first time, then got his reaction and delved further into his thoughts about it...

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Episode 5 News

I've been editing Episode 5 tonight and pretty much got it down to the length and style I'm looking for on this one.
Here's what I can tell you - It's going to be Andy filmed watching episode 4, then I question him about it. There's lots of fast pacey cuts and dissolves and crossing transitions at play, simply because there's an awful lot there we've seen already in episode 4.
I'm really liking the pacey cut cut cut style.

Expect Number 5 out this Sunday.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

EXPLETIVE WARNING! New Duz Andy Know Episode 3 Reply Video

Questions Answered

So I was asked some questions about Andy recently and I gave a quite extensive reply in answer to those questions. The person asking them was attempting to enquire about Andy's mental state to understand it more. I have left the person's questions and identity out of this out of respect.

Even though you won't have the questions in front of you, I make it quite clear in my answers what the question is.

Here comes my reply then -

1. Andy has already had investigative medical and educational monitoring as a child and at some points through his life when he was doing badly at school. Nothing was officially diagnosed, no label. I have spoken with him at length about this and he insists that there's no disability and none on record. He's seen a doctor recently who has wanted to treat him for anxiety. Although that's not new either, just them knowing about it is.

I can only conclude that some people are just a bit thick and unmotivated. He is lazy and doesn't want to learn, so that's been half the battle in his life - and another key factor as to why I'm making this series. As an interest project like a documentary but with a comedy element in it. And the social experiment side is to see how Andy fares when asked questions by the public.

It's a fresh idea, new. No one has done this before. But I've seen similar attempts at things in "The Osbournes".

2. Yes I believe that his parents had issues and much of this is in the roots of that upbringing. You don't get mice from rats...

3. Andy does read books, yes. He only reads books on shipping and vehicles and of course he can't read the whole book. He takes it slow and leaves many of them unfinished. He can't understand much of what is on the page.

4. When he tries to read he simply doesn't know what the word says. Often as you'll see in the series he'll hear a word and not know what it means and this sort of thing. It's ignorance.

5. Andy can write to a very small degree. He mainly uses a voice recognition programme on his PC to communicate properly. Of course, it cannot punctuate for him and he has no idea (or willingness) of how to do so either. Again, it's that lack of willingness that I think actually has made me angry at him in life. Lack of willingness at so many things that I want it exposed. Doing it in a medium of entertainment just works out quite well. I love being innovative.

6. His handwriting is clear. But he will mess up his lower and upper cases mid word.

7. He simply doesn't write "text" ever to make mistakes. He avoids having to "work". He's not motivated enough to work either, even in elementary jobs that don't require brains.

Yeah, the "you know" thing was purely for comical effect. On it's own it doesn't stand strong, but combined with everything else it makes part of a package. I even say "you know" quite a bit sometimes. It's a particular type of (perhaps English orientated?) humour that you'll see in programmes such as "Harry Hill's TV Burp" - which you should take a look at on You Tube or something for examples. He looks at things that were on TV (especially the much watched soap operas) and makes light of things that viewers may not have noticed.

LOL, as for the black women thing, you don't know him like we do. The people who know Andy know to start smiling straight away. Andy is woman obsessed. Women and ships: That's all that motivates him. He has quite a dirty obsessed mind and will often foolishly step over a conversation in progress and say something about women, with even the slightest associative connection. For example, we might be talking about pirates and mention the word "booty". Oh dear...You can bet he'll hijack the conversation right there, in a way that is offputing to some present :P

All such suggestions for him to improve himself would be helpful indeed and I agree - however, I think we both know, based on what I've said above that he can't be bothered.

I've asked him to do things and suggested ways that I could support him in self improvement. He ends up letting me down with my attempts and giving up before they start.

After 15 years of knowing him, I felt making this series was now a way forward for me personally, because he's interesting to me and I want to see if he ends up improving as a result of all of this, if nothing else. I want to express myself creatively and put out an entertainment programme that people will enjoy. Already some fan mail attests to that. Andy himself is happy that people like it too. I want on one hand to further my own creative catalogue and to make Andy known to the world as a phenomena, so that his friends and I don't have to suffer our pain at his ignorance in silence. So that the pain can be shared and in doing so, we start to feel better as well.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Monday, 25 January 2010

Rob On Episode 3 / Episode 4 News And Screenshots

Oh dear. Well I went against my normal editing style and let the camera keep rolling to try and make it hit home in practically real time just how long Andy was taking trying to get his shoelaces done up, 'n' heck, he still failed!

So, I have some news for you about Episode 4. I'm not sure when it's going to be released. No later than this coming Sunday of course. It's just a case of whether or not I'll put it out ahead sooner. Perhaps.

The next episode is going to be the familiar Q&A format, titled 'The "Say Black" Game'. I won't give any more details as they'll be a spoiler. I will however show you  these spoiler free screenshots.

Possible Q&A Video of Rob Upcoming

There's a strong possibility that the questions that have come my way about the series might well be answered by me on camera. If so, I would be giving in depth answers (as is usual for me) and the video would be split into several parts.

Just letting you know what's strongly on my mind to do very soon.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Duz Andy Know? - Episode 3: Challenge - Tie Your Shoelaces

Andy On Duz Andy Episode Two

Hey Andy here Well more madness with Episode Two I'm really not coping very well under pressure believe me that just makes my spelling even worse. Oh dear oh dear I can't believe how many times I said you know lol.well with the question rob was putting to me during my you knows haha well seriously I was finding it quite difficult to explain myself I watched the video back I just feel it came out wrong regarding my black woman thing. Anyway with my thing for black women that happened when a certain R&B star hehe the lovely Rihanna will basically I just started to notice Rihanna she caught my eye you might say hehe I just got knocked clean off my feet by her hehe so she began for me my interest in black women :-) and 99% of the time what I'm interested in now. I like alicia keys she's very attractive and Freema Agyeman (Mafia Jones) from Docter Who she's gorgeous too yes so people like that really.Episode Two was a bit awkward for me with me trying to get the colours well the spellings correct for the colours so yes I made a bit of a mess with those spellings lol :-). So please keep watching the episodes rob asked me to do some more filming recently so that's what we did and he had me do something different :-)

Take care every one and talk to you all later

Two New Reply Videos

Two more reply videos have winged their way onto the YouTube site. You can see all approved vids via the DAK home channel on YouTube too because they're all favourited. The only things fav'd will be such videos, so finding it will be easy.

Here's the videos.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Episode 3 News

Episode 3 will find its way to you and air on this blog and YouTube this coming Sunday 24th Jan.

I can give you some info about it now though.

This is going to be the show's first ever challenge episode. DAK is about more than questions to test Andy's knowhow. It's also about challenges. I want to make sure we get to see him doing, or trying to do things that I or you viewers dream up.

Challenge episodes will invariably have a longer run time than normal Q&A episodes and the format will be a little more documentary-like. This particular one will be titled 'Duz Andy Know? Episode 3: Challenge - Tie Your Shoelaces' and will have a run time of about 6 minutes total.

Here's a couple of screenshots to whet your appetite -

"Blaspheme" Against...Satan?

RE: ep one - I had it mentioned to me by a couple of people that I may have been wrong to have stated the word "blaspheme" in context of Andy not wanting to say Satan or Hell. They said, "Surely it would be blasphemous to talk about Hell only if you were a satanist?"
I certainly laughed at that one! That gave me a giggle for quite a few minutes.

I will now clarify it though.
Under the definition for blaspheme, you will find that it is indeed words spoken against God, however, there's a second usage for it as general cursing:
"curse: utter obscenities or profanities"
Not that any of it matters anyway, even if I was wrong, because he doesn't know what it means. In fact I STILL don't think he knows what it means.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Andy Upload Woes

So I got some footage of Andy recorded yesterday for a possible couple of challenges. I went round Andy's house to get the data zipped and placed on my trusty USB card but three times, THREE TIMES Andy buggered it up by using other processes on the PC at the same time.
I did say, "Andy, we're trying to process VIDEO".

Instead he thinks something along the lines of, "great, I'll start up Microsoft Flight Simulator"...

So I still don't have that footage to even look at.


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

DAK Episode 1 First Response Video

I'm proud to announce here that DAK has had its first response video. Hopefully not the last. After all, the intention of the series was always to open the doors to the public and let them get involved somehow. Be it by way of responses or asking questions for Andy.

Here's Lory

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Other uses for "Bob"

In Episode 1, I challenge Andy to come up with more uses for the word "BOB". He mentioned it being a name, sort of...
Anyway, here's more answers that I would have accepted. Bear in mind, I challenged him to find only three:
  • The old English currency, e.g. "A bob and a shilling."
  • A woman's haircut.
  • Movement of buoyancy in water.
  • I even would have accepted "No siree Bob" the popular old American saying.
Just to show you how do-able it actually is.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Photos Of Andy

You recognize these as some of the photos from the collage. Here is a small selection of some of them on their own.

These were taken in Andy's bedroom not many days after filming the first footage that you've seen by now. Taken 18 Dec 2009.

Filmed on a Sony Handycam, via memory stick.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Duz Andy Know Episode One

First of all I would like to apologise for taking a while to write on here I have been quite busy lately.Yes Duz Andy Know Episode One well I remember agreeing to this crazy idea that rob had to put me online and now I have seen episode one the reality has really hit me and to be honest it has made me feel a little awkward but I'm seeing past that now. I'm not stupid I'm just not that knowledgeable about things so please try and be nice to me :-) hehe. With the filming that was quite a lot of fun and it was quite exciting this was going online. I was quite anxious about what rob was going to ask me but I knew I would probably get most of them wrong anyway hehe I just saw the funny side to it as they say if you don't laugh you cry hehe. I hope all of you guys out there are enjoying Duz Andy Know Episode One and your have something to look forward too this Sunday coming as I have seen rob is putting another episode up online so please take a look on Sunday rob has showed me a preview it even made me laugh yes at myself lol. Yes so I'm sure rob will have some more footage from the filming before and he has told me about something today which sounded interesting for the future. So keep watching I think you're probably think Episode two is quite possibly more funny. I was actually quite worried about the scene in their because I was worried I may come across wrong it was just me being under pressure hehe :-) your see it was so do with my personal preference the question I was asked by rob ;-) hehe. So keep watching I'm sure you'll find it gets better and better and as rob has told me he is coming up with new ideas :-).

bye bye for now :-)

Coming This Sunday - Episode 2

You can look forward to Episode 2 appearing on YouTube and here this Sunday.

This episode will focus on Andy's spelling...remember he does not suffer from dyslexia.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

About Moronic

HAHA OMG. I was updating my Facebook account to post the 'Andy Half Alseep' article to my contacts list and look what the security words came up as. Quality!

Half Asleep

Andy had his first screening of Episode 2 tonight. He says he was impressed with the editing. Although, I don't think he "got" a lot of the humour.

When all the proper spellings of the words came up on screen, I noticed almost a spark of realisation, of awakeness about him, but that was short lived because he had to concentrate on the screen for more than 2 minutes.

Mine and his friends theory on this is that he gets so bored being Andy, being inside himself, that he goes to sleep internally - we think.

That or it's as if he's never truly awake. Like life is one long dream in his sleep walking vagueness that he calls reality.

Next Footage In Hand

I went round to Andy's this evening and wrestled with his Windows 7 Operating System until it allowed me to take home my Episode 3 dailies upload on my overheating USB stick.

Work will commence when I'm ready and refreshed.

Teaser Screenshots From Episode 2...

Andy Post Soon...Andy's Brain - Analysis 101

Andy himself was meant to have posted something on here already, but he probably hasn't gotten his lazy arse round to doing it. My apologies. I'm sure he will...soon.

As Andy sees it, if there's a series about him, he wants to be present to make sure nothing untrue is said and defend his mental ability (now that I have to see).

Basically, his friends and I believe him to have a brain with the equivalent mass of a hamster, except a hamster at least keeps active on its wheel...and some of us believe the hamster powering Andy's brain has long died from depression at his stupidity and the odd thought that comes out, does so only when the wind happens to come in through his ear and blows the wheel to turn a little.

LOL @ Contextual Advert

One of the contextual adverts from google on this webpage made me laugh just now. Here's what it says:
Educational Psychologist

Assessments and advice to maximise your child's academic potential.
There was another great one too:
Child Learning Disorders

Audiblox corrects the deficits that cause learning disabilities.
It's one of the reasons I actually like these sort of adverts, as they in themselves are comedy.
Just to remind everyone. There's nothing wrong with Andy. He has no disability and doesn't have dyslexia...remember that comment when you see Episode 2.

Episide 2 News

I got hold of another chunk of dailies and took them into the cutroom. I was joined by Lory Cozens as Assistant Editor.

Episode 2 is basically complete. However, I do want Episode 1 to live out there a little longer before the next release. I can state this on the record right now though. The comedic quality in this episode, far surpasses that of the first one. Just wait and see.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Thoughts On Editing It

This being my first time editing this project, there was a lot of new technology to learn. I'm reasonably happy with the results - in trying to achieve the images that were in my head. You can drive yourself barmy with that pursuit, nomatter what your creative field might be!

I'm not all that naturally gifted when it comes to technological applications. It takes me five or six times longer than it would an editor to figure out the same way to make the programme do what I want it to do. My flair is more in the field of the composition itself, e.g. directing, writing. I know what I want an editing suite to do, but discovering how to make it do it is a whole different animal. There was and is a whole lot of things to learn with editing programmes.

Essentially, the footage is one piece of video from a stationary angle (so far), interview composition. You have to be careful that you don't let that footage become boring. I got around this by adding text into the image - speaking the internal thoughts of the interviewer (me) - this will act as your narrative that runs alongside the interview and will aid you in learning about Andy from someone who has known him for a long time.

The other thing I did was to have the questions - when asked - cut to a black screen with yellow "Andy" writing on it to give a refreshing visual stimulus for the viewer. It's also another opportunity to use the thematic colours and font that tie all of the text and representation in this series together.

The theme is black background, yellow writing and purple secondary writing.

I'm really happy with the timing of my events and cuts, to best represent the pacing I'm trying to achieve. The above-mentioned text additions all contribute to the pacing, funnily enough.

Duz Andy Know? - Episode One - Elzy-Bob

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Andy Is Now A Contributor!

I just want to let you know, Andy has now joined the site as a contributor. He will have the full facilty to make posts on here.

He agreed to join when he realised that he might have to prove he's not stupid...and to see what people are saying. He's quite curious.

One more thing to note. Please don't be surprised if Andy's grammar and spelling is a bit off in his posts. He has reading and writing issues and will be very often using speech recognition softrware to communicate his sentences via microphone. Because of this mechanical element, there is often the chance of text input going wrong. Hehe. So now you'll know why, if it does.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Promotional Andy Collage

When I asked Andy if he liked collages, he answered that higher education can only be a good thing...

So here's a collage I compiled of Andy, for promotional use and wallpapers.

And So It Begins

Welcome one and all,  to those interested in viewing the videos of Andy. Plus by viewing at this site you'll have access to special extras, getting closer to the man himself in a way that even the videos can't.

I'm Robert, a good friend of Andy and the series creator.

If Andy himself ever has anything productive to say, you can bet he'll be saying it right here, on the wall. Of course, I'll be making updates here too, just like this one.

This site is dedicated to the one and only Andy.

Concept: I will be filming my long time friend Andy Alford, throwing a number of questions and challenges at him ranging from relatively simple to downright easy. I'll be making the series to prove his shocking ignorance in so many fields! Truly I'm amazed by it and I feel that others might be. Therefore, this was screaming to become a series.

You can also view the show's YouTube page here ->

Disclaimer: The subject of this series of videos is 100% genuinely the way he appears. He is not acting and nothing is staged.

Andy has no medically recognized form of retardation or other learning disability.
He has never been diagnosed with any sort of mental illness or impairment other than anxiety.
Andy's current state is a result of being lazy, ignorance and a disinterest in life to pay attention to anything around him. What I'm essentially trying to explain is that you can laugh at this and not worry about feeling guilty.

He is in full agreement with filming this series and he fully understands the nature and tone of this series.

'Duz Andy Know?' title and concept are copyright of the owner Robert James Freemantle - 2009-2010
You can follow my own personal creative blog here -->