Saturday, 6 February 2010

Screenies of Episode 8 In Progress

You know, I sometimes wonder if Andy is also partly doing this to find out for himself just how bad his brain has become from ever.
With that said, here's some screenshots of what is new.

This is me filming Andy for episode 8, as seen from camera 1

...A little bit later, a shot you won't see in the episode because it's taken from the camera I'm holding now.

Lastly, here's me actually editing the episode. You can see the two tracks, logically placed so I can manage their sound properly, then there's the titles which live on a different track.
It's choppy because of all of the cuts. Camera 1 was stationary and inside. Camera 2 was in my hand at all times.
In technical expertise/skill terms, this pushed the limits of the series right out there.

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