Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Ghana Pics

For fans of the show, as a thankyou, here's an advance of the Ghana holiday pictures Andy has so far allowed me access to. I will attempt to get more from him. Some of these will be featured in upcoming episode 40 around Christmas.

View them at the official Facebook DAK page here -

it's easier on me than uploading everything twice!

Support The Show!

Like what I'm trying to do with the show and want to support it? Well, we need all the viewcount we can get. Here's why: This show is a co-operative effort between myself and you the fans. I come up with questions/challenges for him, but we're also only as long lived as the fans will help us be by submitting ideas for ...Andy to tackle. More people means more input.

You can help with word of mouth and linking up your buddies.

The show is quite niche and a lot of people don't get it or think we're being too horrible. That doesn't matter as I know we're onto something unusual and we can cite the preceden...t of Karl Pilkington now, too.

Ep 38 Pre Release Info

We'll be playing a new mind game with Andy this Sunday. It will be a test of concentration that to be fair most people would succumb to, not just Andy. But it is at least a new mental event to see him compete in - and a new game you can play on your friends.

Look out for #38 - Bus Driver Game