Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Blog Closing - Please Use Main Blog Now

Thanks to all who have followed DAK. The show will soon be wrapping up, but before it does, I want us to get a few more ideas out there and explore just a little more of this man's unusual mind.

However I will be no longer updating this blog. Andy himself could never really be bothered to support it with content like he promised he would, but then that is Andy to a T is it not? If anything, this goes to show further insight into the man.

From now on, you can follow all DAK updates and everything else I do via my personal creative updates blog which you can find here -

Thanks to all who followed the show up until now, and I'll look forward to sharing more projects with you down the line. Oh and don't worry, I'm sure I'll be keeping you updated with Andy one way or another. If you follow the main blog you won't miss a thing I announce about him.

Robert James Freemantle