Monday, 14 June 2010

Episode 21 Pre Release Info

You know what's happening right up to ep 20 now. #21 though will be a mystery to you - until now.
Episode 21 'General Ignorance 2' will be released 5th July 2010. More Q&A madness then.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ticket Information Video

I've just helped Andy (the same Andy from Duz Andy Know?) make a video so that he can sell his spare QM2 cruise ticket. Whoever buys it will get a chance to meet him in real life and cruise with the man for 17 lucky lucky person whoever you are...

I did it in the style he asked for.

With the still images at the end, I considered dressing them up a little with editing but decided to leave them as is because it's right at the end of the piece anyway.

Here's Andy's video!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Meet Andy In Real Life? Cruise With Him? Huh!?

Ever wanted to meet Andy in real life? Want to go on a cruise with him? Well, your chance to do just that is coming up, soon. Look for more details on here soon...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Andy & Pete Dancing...

Andy & Pete In Zombie Horror

Andy and Pete Ice Skating - A Different Type of Horror

Andy and Pete In Slasher Horror lol

Episodes 19 & 20 Announcement

Ep 19 & 20 will both be released on the same day: Monday 28th June.
They will be titled 'Andy's African Girlfriend Part 1 of 2' & 'Andy's African Girlfriend part 2 of 2' respectively.

Yeah, pretty mad for two to come out on the same day, but they truly are part of each other so together makes most sense for me.

That completes June's release schedule.

All the best


Episode 18 News

Episode 18 - 'Andy V.I.P.' launches right here on June 16th. See you there.