Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Involving Andy - Leading To Episode 10 News

I wanted to write a quick article about a particularly prominent downside (as far as everyone who knows him is concerned) with actually involving Andy in anything we ever do.

He's really unreliable. For example, we had set a date to meet as a group to do Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay gaming for the group's first ever session. Andy had taken longer to pick up the rules and we had spent lots of extra hours in the weeks running up to it, taking time out of our lives, wasting our lives teaching Andy how to play. His mind seems resistent to learning new things.

The Monday came and what we expected to happen did happen. He didn't show. He didn't feel up to it. He wasn't ill or anything, just that same thing in him that stops him trying to do anything else, stopped this and screwed up everyone. That's normal. That's Andy.

Anyway, at the time of writing, it is Wednesday and I still don't have any footage ready to produce for the next episode. I had told Andy that I wanted to launch a new one on the Thursday and that we'd need to meet for some intensive work. I need to go through four different cassette tapes and compile sections of thing aside to build episodes, one of which would go towards making the next episode. It's a lot of work to do. There is also the possibility that if the footage I compile of Q&A's is too short that I would film more as well and have to edit all of that together somehow in my own free time, against the clock.
We planned to meet on Monday. Andy ended up being ready at only 7:30 pm and then didn't want to meet because he wanted to watch Eastenders. That's another reason I hate Eastenders by the way...
Then plans were made that we would meet around midday and have a long session instead the next day. Yeah...I didn't hear from him and couldn't contact him. No answer. I literally need access to his hard drive for the footage to compile for the next episode so ladies and gentlemen, I will keep you updated now on a daily basis if he lets you guys down too and makes the episode not be able to come out on at least the normal Monday. Because obviously the idea of putting it out Thursday has run right down the drain, along with this man's spine.

We'll stay in touch.

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