Thursday, 25 February 2010

Episode 10 Progress Update

This is a follow on news bulletin. Please make sure you have read the previous one before it to understand this one.

Andy remained out of contact yesterday, after saying he would meet me so Wednesday was lost.

A lot needs to be done...I'm losing time here...

Also, today was the same. I was told that I could meet him at 1:30 pm today. It is now 9 pm and he remained unavailable to meet...

There is no way that I can edit the large multi part project that I have in mind and put it out in time for Monday...Especially as my weekend is looking busy. Which is why I've been trying to meet him since Monday to get this done.

I'm basically posting this so that when the episode does not come out on Monday, you'll know why. I want no part of the blame.

This article in itself though gives great insight into Andy as well, in helping to make viewers/readers understand the person they're seeing on their screens a lot more.

Again, I will keep you updated with more bulletins as of tomorrow onwards.

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