Friday, 19 February 2010

Team Meeting...

I'm having a short team meeting with the design staff for upcoming episodes...yeah so that's me in a room alone then. However, at least it is a set aside time that guarantees I'll work on this. I'm considering a couple of submitted challenges for Andy right now and quite how I might go about implimenting them at some future date.

I have an idea or two that would end up taking DAK out on "location" filming eventually for at least another challenge.

I have another idea for a planned episode format where I bombard Andy with general knowledge questions with no theme specifically - to call it General Ignorance.

Oh and those questions he might happen to get right at any point? ... See moreYeah don't worry, I won't be dishonest and throw them out - they will either appear in the show as they were said or appear as part of yet another planned episode idea I've had, a format episode that would be called 'Andy Duz Know'. LOL.

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