Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Episode 6 Insight

This truly was the first time Andy had tried to make a cup of tea. He doesn't do anything like that. When he refers to the others in his house who do it for him: "Mum and Julie" he's speaking of his parent (of course) and younger Sister.

I questioned him about why he stirs the cup like that in the video. With the spoon going around so feebly and coming out and in again. His response was, "I heard that a metal spoon makes a drink metal tasting, so I was trying not to do it too much".
This is another example of how he thinks and worries too much about everything.

He's so out of touch and underconfident trying to do these things. My hope is that seeing these videos will be a wake up call for him, making him improve himself. I told him that today too.

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