Saturday, 27 February 2010

More Progress Update

Well it's Saturday morning and Andy has remained out of contact with me, despite my efforts to get into contact with him a few times.
I still have no footage in hand, because it needs him.

I'll keep you updated.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Episode 10 Progress Update

This is a follow on news bulletin. Please make sure you have read the previous one before it to understand this one.

Andy remained out of contact yesterday, after saying he would meet me so Wednesday was lost.

A lot needs to be done...I'm losing time here...

Also, today was the same. I was told that I could meet him at 1:30 pm today. It is now 9 pm and he remained unavailable to meet...

There is no way that I can edit the large multi part project that I have in mind and put it out in time for Monday...Especially as my weekend is looking busy. Which is why I've been trying to meet him since Monday to get this done.

I'm basically posting this so that when the episode does not come out on Monday, you'll know why. I want no part of the blame.

This article in itself though gives great insight into Andy as well, in helping to make viewers/readers understand the person they're seeing on their screens a lot more.

Again, I will keep you updated with more bulletins as of tomorrow onwards.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Involving Andy - Leading To Episode 10 News

I wanted to write a quick article about a particularly prominent downside (as far as everyone who knows him is concerned) with actually involving Andy in anything we ever do.

He's really unreliable. For example, we had set a date to meet as a group to do Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay gaming for the group's first ever session. Andy had taken longer to pick up the rules and we had spent lots of extra hours in the weeks running up to it, taking time out of our lives, wasting our lives teaching Andy how to play. His mind seems resistent to learning new things.

The Monday came and what we expected to happen did happen. He didn't show. He didn't feel up to it. He wasn't ill or anything, just that same thing in him that stops him trying to do anything else, stopped this and screwed up everyone. That's normal. That's Andy.

Anyway, at the time of writing, it is Wednesday and I still don't have any footage ready to produce for the next episode. I had told Andy that I wanted to launch a new one on the Thursday and that we'd need to meet for some intensive work. I need to go through four different cassette tapes and compile sections of thing aside to build episodes, one of which would go towards making the next episode. It's a lot of work to do. There is also the possibility that if the footage I compile of Q&A's is too short that I would film more as well and have to edit all of that together somehow in my own free time, against the clock.
We planned to meet on Monday. Andy ended up being ready at only 7:30 pm and then didn't want to meet because he wanted to watch Eastenders. That's another reason I hate Eastenders by the way...
Then plans were made that we would meet around midday and have a long session instead the next day. Yeah...I didn't hear from him and couldn't contact him. No answer. I literally need access to his hard drive for the footage to compile for the next episode so ladies and gentlemen, I will keep you updated now on a daily basis if he lets you guys down too and makes the episode not be able to come out on at least the normal Monday. Because obviously the idea of putting it out Thursday has run right down the drain, along with this man's spine.

We'll stay in touch.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Peter's Feedback

You know, There's a guy on YouTube, Highwaymanartist who makes some really funny comments to the vids on the show. Normally I wouldn't highlight anyone like this but Pete is a real life friend to both Andy and I.

His recent comment to episode 9 was:
well I find it interesting he has people pay him back in mobiles instead of money. is he the balding mobile godfather? still if my mobile ever breaks down I know where to get a replacement :)

To episode 8 he said:
This is is insane. He only gets in and out of his house by sliding under the door, the slug has no spine to worry about it getting caught
To episode 7 he said:
that's insane. I can understand difficulty in going backwards but forwards???? nice work with the letters going at random places. much him and his thought processes I suppose. what is with the damned mr men?
To episode 6 he said:
If his mother and sister died he'd be dead within a pool of his own bodily excretions and emaciated within a week
And you get the idea!
Thanks for all the great comments Pete, in your own...unique manner. Those two know each other in real life so there's some tongue in cheek going on...somewhat. Although I also know that Pete doesn't suffer fools gladly, so...hmmmmmm.

Ep 9 Post Release Info

The room as you see it here is pretty much as it always is every time I've come around over the years. To point out a couple of things that I didn't point out in the video - You caught sight of an Xbox game on the chair with the pile of papers on it. That is the only Xbox game he has in the house (original xbox btw not 360) and he doesn't even own a console! Yet he has that game. it's Rocky.

The map on the wall is a map of'll find out why in an upcoming episode...

Duz Andy Know? Episode 9 - Andy's Bedroom

The episode is out now.
As always, the blog cannot handle widescreen videos so here's a direct link to view it.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Team Meeting...

I'm having a short team meeting with the design staff for upcoming episodes...yeah so that's me in a room alone then. However, at least it is a set aside time that guarantees I'll work on this. I'm considering a couple of submitted challenges for Andy right now and quite how I might go about implimenting them at some future date.

I have an idea or two that would end up taking DAK out on "location" filming eventually for at least another challenge.

I have another idea for a planned episode format where I bombard Andy with general knowledge questions with no theme specifically - to call it General Ignorance.

Oh and those questions he might happen to get right at any point? ... See moreYeah don't worry, I won't be dishonest and throw them out - they will either appear in the show as they were said or appear as part of yet another planned episode idea I've had, a format episode that would be called 'Andy Duz Know'. LOL.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

More Thoughts On Episode 9 - Via Facebook

So you guys should join the Facebook page for the show HERE where today I posted this comment:

In the upcoming episode released Monday, I'm going to keep my text comments down a little and let the video of what you're seeing speak for itself, as we look around Andy's bedroom. This should help reflect much about who he is as a person.
I'm really glad to be able to branch the show out in different directions and truly this is a new one. A simple documentary look at his living conditions as opposed to putting him on the spot.

Question From A Fan

One fan of the series sent me a message enquiring as to whether Andy might be autistic. Here is my reply then. He promised me he's not. See the thing we have to remember is that being autistic is different from being ignorant, even though he does have a few neurosis with things like not wanting to close the door too hard.
That has built up from a meek way of life, always trying to hide from conflict with his own neighbours and scared to offend any of mine. I've known people with autism and they're amongst the most intelligent people I've met in life. Andy is more of a wierdo lol, living things his own way alone for too long. Like an old person getting into eccentric ways.

It's as Andy himself always says, he needs a good woman to put him right and set him straight.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Episode 9 Advance News

Ep 9 will be out next Monday. It won't be a challenge OR a Q&A episode. I'll be doing something different. A getting to know Andy better episode. A look around his bedroom, to understand him. He has a lot of things there on display. Any comedy gleaned from it will be as a result of Andy's comments and items in the room and will be purely coincidental. Let's see how funny he naturally is just by how he lives shall we?

Episode 8 Insight

You know what? I know just how unbelievable this episode looks. I know it so well that I was worried about releasing it. The problem is, it's all true. That makes me feel a strong sense of justification that what I'm doing is right. Yes my door is a little harder to close than most doors, granted. But you saw how easy it was when I reached my hand into shot and closed it? I didn't slam did I? Just upped the strength factor a little.

For me, this episode is like a documentary, looking at Andy's physical approach to life. He really doesn't have enough oomph in him to close my door. It's like a Simpsons Mr Burns thing or something, in my mind and I suppose that is the angle that I'm showing it to you from, for comedy. But as I said, it's much much more than comedy to me, this one especially.
For example, the way Andy knocks my door is very weak. You can hardly hear the sound inside the house. He says he's worried he'll break the glass...
This is a person that worries and thinks way too much yet not enough about other things. On one hand he's scared of breaking the glass so doesn't even knock the door at anywhere near average strength yet will do something like fall asleep in the bath tub. I don't know, I just...don't.

Andy has so many unusual aspects about him that I'm going to be hard pressed getting them all on film. Again though, this proves to me what an interesting case study he is for this series, and why I've gone to so much effort to get these shows out to you. I feel that, the world needs to have a record of this man, that science needs to know of his existence - that in some way, some how, it's really important to do so.

This episode was filmed on two cameras. The one inside is Andy's. I instinctively knew that we'd need two. Cutting them both together was a lot of fun and a new challenge for the show, in technical terms.

Duz Andy Know? Episode 8: Challenge - Shut My Front Door

Episode 8 is out.

View it at YouTube here -

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Verifying Some Facts For You - Please Read

I've had a few replies from people who seem confused about a couple of aspects of these videos. A couple of people thought Andy might be autistic or mentally disabled in some way. They were concerned about me making these videos about him.

I want to point out to anyone concerned that they should view the disclaimer video, which explains that Andy has no medically recognized illness or disability. He is simply too unmotivated as a person to persue a proper education. At play here is mass ignorance, granted, but as you all well know, being thick is not a disability. In fact, such a statement connecting the two would be insulting to anyone who has a mental disability. I'd not condone a video series about someone who can't help being a certain way. It would be a horrible thing to do! From my ethical standpoint.

The 15 years I've known Andy have taught me that he's the way he is because he could never be bothered to apply himself and grow as a person. He never tried to retain anything of what was going on around him.

It's not just that he had problems in school. He couldn't even motivate to bother attending most of the time! You see what we're dealing with
It is with this in mind that I will state that you can watch 'Duz Andy Know?' in one of two mindsets:

1. Firstly you can see it as a comedy about someone who is a thicko and agreed to make this series to make himself more "socially known". Who even asked me, reminded me to make sure I make this show. You'll see comedy in my narrative text on screen. Those are not me really being nasty though. It's the kind of thing I'd say to him, as someone who has known him for a decade and a half, and you get to share my thoughts. You might find what he says funny too based on how astonishing it is. Don't worry, you're allowed to laugh. He's not disabled. :)

2. Or you can view this series as an intruiging almost documentary like explorative idea, delving into Andy's brain. Andy was chosen as the subject of this series because I deemed him radically different to anyone I've ever met. Yes I've known people who are ignorant before but I'm not talking about that. He's so unmotivated, so uncaring to learn, with the one life that's been given to him (unless you're a buddhist - no disrespect meant) that it becomes an intruiging case study, even just for me and those who know him. Some of us are discovering just how deep this pit of ignorance is. Some people who knew him since 1998 didn't know that he had never made a cup of tea or coffee before in his life.

If some of you can enjoy the series too as a result of seeing these unusual things, then all the better.
In the end, it's for your entertainment, but everything is 100% genuine.

If anything is ever staged down the line, we'd say so on screen. We'll never lie to you, I promise you that and I swear whole-heartedly with my word. On my honour.

I hope you can enjoy the series. Please feel free to submit queries or questions/challenges for the show. I'm also active and everything you send will be read, guaranteed.

All the best


Episode 8 Pre-Release News

Next episode is out Monday (15th) Feb. It will be another challenge episode. I won't say what, that can be a surprise for you. I will just say that we're not wholly inside during the filming...

Again, Andy wasn't told what the challenge was beforehand and you get to view him hearing it for the first time, as always.

It was filmed with two cameras - mine and Andy's so that was a brand new editing challenge for me. I naively threw myself into it figuring I'd pull it off (I do that with everything) and it worked out really well, so I'm looking forward to showing you that seamless synching and those perfectly timed cuts. Yeah I'm really happy with it.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

If You Can't Do Some Of This - Don't Panic

I know of other people who have issues with the alphabet for example, but you see, it's nothing against those people this series. Nor any of the other episodes.
Some issue somewhere it is expected that some of you also will have an issue with something, in common with Andy. We all have weaknesses. I'll be the first to admit to some of mine. HOWEVER. The point of this series is not to point any one thing out in particular (so people should not worry about themselves) - it's to show that Andy can't do allllllllllll of these things -The series as a whole. When viewed like this, he is very unique, unlike most of you, me and others.
Yet he has no disability or reason for it.

He never applied himself in life. This is the result, which is being looked at with a documentary like mind.

About The Alphabet

So Episode 7 has come upon us. The alphabet...yeah...I've been looking at a few kids abc videos on You Tube to see if there's one I could teach Andy to sing, lol...damn I wish I was joking though.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Duz Andy Know? Episode 7 - Andy's Alphabet

Again, because it's widescreen, it won't view properly on this forum. So we're keeping the forum for all the other cool little behind the scenes insightful stuff about the show.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Screenies of Episode 8 In Progress

You know, I sometimes wonder if Andy is also partly doing this to find out for himself just how bad his brain has become from ever.
With that said, here's some screenshots of what is new.

This is me filming Andy for episode 8, as seen from camera 1

...A little bit later, a shot you won't see in the episode because it's taken from the camera I'm holding now.

Lastly, here's me actually editing the episode. You can see the two tracks, logically placed so I can manage their sound properly, then there's the titles which live on a different track.
It's choppy because of all of the cuts. Camera 1 was stationary and inside. Camera 2 was in my hand at all times.
In technical expertise/skill terms, this pushed the limits of the series right out there.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Two Cameras

I just recorded some footage with Andy tonight, using his and my camcorders to get two angles for the filming of a new challenge I put to him. I haven't looked at the footage yet. I'm quite excited to do so though. Hopefully it will become the episode 8.

Andy hung out at mine afterwards and we watched the new 'Star Trek' movie.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ep 7 Release Date

It's been decided that I'll try it as a release this coming Monday, to see what Monday is like for it.

Episode 7 Pre-Release Info

Here's what I can tell you. This one is going to be called 'Andy's Alphabet'.
It was filmed in Andy's bedroom a little while ago with me holding the camera by hand, just like I did in episode 6.

This will be the first episode to have not been filmed inside my house.
As time goes on, you're going to get to know Andy, to see more and more facets of him and his life. You're going to see his room and his house to understand more about him. This is just the start.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Episode 6 Insight

This truly was the first time Andy had tried to make a cup of tea. He doesn't do anything like that. When he refers to the others in his house who do it for him: "Mum and Julie" he's speaking of his parent (of course) and younger Sister.

I questioned him about why he stirs the cup like that in the video. With the spoon going around so feebly and coming out and in again. His response was, "I heard that a metal spoon makes a drink metal tasting, so I was trying not to do it too much".
This is another example of how he thinks and worries too much about everything.

He's so out of touch and underconfident trying to do these things. My hope is that seeing these videos will be a wake up call for him, making him improve himself. I told him that today too.

Duz Andy Know? Episode 6 Out Now - Challenge: Make A Cup Of Tea

Because this site cannot display widescreen videos fully, I am linking the URL to YouTube instead:

New Sidebar Write Up

This is the newest info that appears in the sidebar on YouTube:

I am the series creator Robert, filming Andy in this ongoing series to find out just how bad his brain is. Over the course of the series we will be throwing easy questions and challenges at him. Perhaps in doing so Andy will find a way to improve himself.

Please feel free to send in your questions for the show. By doing so, you agree to your question and username being shown on screen (if I wish). Remember, keep your questions simple. We aren't trying to do a general trivia quiz here, this is to show how many truly easy questions confound this man.

New Close Up Logo

Here's another version of the logo. It should display better in smaller avatar frames and such.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Video Quality And Blog View

Just a quick note to inform you that I've managed to figured out how to make my DAK videos a better quality. Episode 6 onwards should give you access to HD and be in full widescreen...I think. Yup.

Oh and because these blogs are stupid, they don't want to properly display actual widescreen videos all the way across...It cuts a load of the video off, into the sidebar. That means I might just have to end up posting links on here to the next episodes instead. But watching the episodes isn't why you're here anyway is it?

It's to hear more about the show and Andy, with behind the scenes stuff. To keep in touch with the teaser pre-release info too.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Episode 6 News In Advance

Episode six will be in a different location. The previous episodes had all been in my front room. This one is going to be in my kitchen, with me putting a challenge to Andy. I'll be using the handycam by hand, with no tripod, so the feel will be totally different.
It's going to be quite a documentary like episode, with me testing Andy's rudimentary knowledge. In this case, how to make a cup of tea. Can he do it? Surely he can. Can't he?

I've also put aside some extra "outtake" footage from that day's shooting that I expect I'll use as part of an outtakes episode to come.