Friday, 29 October 2010

News On Episode 32

Ep 32 is going to be a short little episode to keep you going, themed around the subject of "internet speak", titled: Let Me H4XX You A Question.

You'll be able to see this episode somewhen in early November. See you there.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Episode 30 - Challenge: Swallow A Pill

Back From Ghana...

So Andy went to Ghana and he has returned safely. I didn’t want to find out too much about it because I was hoping to get some of it on tape, first hand from him.

The plan was for him to keep a vlog of accounts throughout his journey. He was instructed to use his tapes without worry (he had about 14 on him for his fortnight stay) just getting as much footage as he could. I told him that he should try to record his thoughts as he has them, as a proper vlog. I told him to get as much useable footage as he could so that I could make it into DAK episodes. To my understanding now, upon his return, he has not recorded much footage at all. His reason? He said he was too busy feeling “indulged by the holiday”.

So what we have in the can is unknown to me. I will look at the footage and make what I can of it as soon as Andy can be bothered to give me access to it.