Monday, 22 February 2010

Peter's Feedback

You know, There's a guy on YouTube, Highwaymanartist who makes some really funny comments to the vids on the show. Normally I wouldn't highlight anyone like this but Pete is a real life friend to both Andy and I.

His recent comment to episode 9 was:
well I find it interesting he has people pay him back in mobiles instead of money. is he the balding mobile godfather? still if my mobile ever breaks down I know where to get a replacement :)

To episode 8 he said:
This is is insane. He only gets in and out of his house by sliding under the door, the slug has no spine to worry about it getting caught
To episode 7 he said:
that's insane. I can understand difficulty in going backwards but forwards???? nice work with the letters going at random places. much him and his thought processes I suppose. what is with the damned mr men?
To episode 6 he said:
If his mother and sister died he'd be dead within a pool of his own bodily excretions and emaciated within a week
And you get the idea!
Thanks for all the great comments Pete, in your own...unique manner. Those two know each other in real life so there's some tongue in cheek going on...somewhat. Although I also know that Pete doesn't suffer fools gladly, so...hmmmmmm.

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