Monday, 11 January 2010

Thoughts On Editing It

This being my first time editing this project, there was a lot of new technology to learn. I'm reasonably happy with the results - in trying to achieve the images that were in my head. You can drive yourself barmy with that pursuit, nomatter what your creative field might be!

I'm not all that naturally gifted when it comes to technological applications. It takes me five or six times longer than it would an editor to figure out the same way to make the programme do what I want it to do. My flair is more in the field of the composition itself, e.g. directing, writing. I know what I want an editing suite to do, but discovering how to make it do it is a whole different animal. There was and is a whole lot of things to learn with editing programmes.

Essentially, the footage is one piece of video from a stationary angle (so far), interview composition. You have to be careful that you don't let that footage become boring. I got around this by adding text into the image - speaking the internal thoughts of the interviewer (me) - this will act as your narrative that runs alongside the interview and will aid you in learning about Andy from someone who has known him for a long time.

The other thing I did was to have the questions - when asked - cut to a black screen with yellow "Andy" writing on it to give a refreshing visual stimulus for the viewer. It's also another opportunity to use the thematic colours and font that tie all of the text and representation in this series together.

The theme is black background, yellow writing and purple secondary writing.

I'm really happy with the timing of my events and cuts, to best represent the pacing I'm trying to achieve. The above-mentioned text additions all contribute to the pacing, funnily enough.

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