Friday, 1 January 2010

And So It Begins

Welcome one and all,  to those interested in viewing the videos of Andy. Plus by viewing at this site you'll have access to special extras, getting closer to the man himself in a way that even the videos can't.

I'm Robert, a good friend of Andy and the series creator.

If Andy himself ever has anything productive to say, you can bet he'll be saying it right here, on the wall. Of course, I'll be making updates here too, just like this one.

This site is dedicated to the one and only Andy.

Concept: I will be filming my long time friend Andy Alford, throwing a number of questions and challenges at him ranging from relatively simple to downright easy. I'll be making the series to prove his shocking ignorance in so many fields! Truly I'm amazed by it and I feel that others might be. Therefore, this was screaming to become a series.

You can also view the show's YouTube page here ->

Disclaimer: The subject of this series of videos is 100% genuinely the way he appears. He is not acting and nothing is staged.

Andy has no medically recognized form of retardation or other learning disability.
He has never been diagnosed with any sort of mental illness or impairment other than anxiety.
Andy's current state is a result of being lazy, ignorance and a disinterest in life to pay attention to anything around him. What I'm essentially trying to explain is that you can laugh at this and not worry about feeling guilty.

He is in full agreement with filming this series and he fully understands the nature and tone of this series.

'Duz Andy Know?' title and concept are copyright of the owner Robert James Freemantle - 2009-2010
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