Thursday, 28 January 2010

Questions Answered

So I was asked some questions about Andy recently and I gave a quite extensive reply in answer to those questions. The person asking them was attempting to enquire about Andy's mental state to understand it more. I have left the person's questions and identity out of this out of respect.

Even though you won't have the questions in front of you, I make it quite clear in my answers what the question is.

Here comes my reply then -

1. Andy has already had investigative medical and educational monitoring as a child and at some points through his life when he was doing badly at school. Nothing was officially diagnosed, no label. I have spoken with him at length about this and he insists that there's no disability and none on record. He's seen a doctor recently who has wanted to treat him for anxiety. Although that's not new either, just them knowing about it is.

I can only conclude that some people are just a bit thick and unmotivated. He is lazy and doesn't want to learn, so that's been half the battle in his life - and another key factor as to why I'm making this series. As an interest project like a documentary but with a comedy element in it. And the social experiment side is to see how Andy fares when asked questions by the public.

It's a fresh idea, new. No one has done this before. But I've seen similar attempts at things in "The Osbournes".

2. Yes I believe that his parents had issues and much of this is in the roots of that upbringing. You don't get mice from rats...

3. Andy does read books, yes. He only reads books on shipping and vehicles and of course he can't read the whole book. He takes it slow and leaves many of them unfinished. He can't understand much of what is on the page.

4. When he tries to read he simply doesn't know what the word says. Often as you'll see in the series he'll hear a word and not know what it means and this sort of thing. It's ignorance.

5. Andy can write to a very small degree. He mainly uses a voice recognition programme on his PC to communicate properly. Of course, it cannot punctuate for him and he has no idea (or willingness) of how to do so either. Again, it's that lack of willingness that I think actually has made me angry at him in life. Lack of willingness at so many things that I want it exposed. Doing it in a medium of entertainment just works out quite well. I love being innovative.

6. His handwriting is clear. But he will mess up his lower and upper cases mid word.

7. He simply doesn't write "text" ever to make mistakes. He avoids having to "work". He's not motivated enough to work either, even in elementary jobs that don't require brains.

Yeah, the "you know" thing was purely for comical effect. On it's own it doesn't stand strong, but combined with everything else it makes part of a package. I even say "you know" quite a bit sometimes. It's a particular type of (perhaps English orientated?) humour that you'll see in programmes such as "Harry Hill's TV Burp" - which you should take a look at on You Tube or something for examples. He looks at things that were on TV (especially the much watched soap operas) and makes light of things that viewers may not have noticed.

LOL, as for the black women thing, you don't know him like we do. The people who know Andy know to start smiling straight away. Andy is woman obsessed. Women and ships: That's all that motivates him. He has quite a dirty obsessed mind and will often foolishly step over a conversation in progress and say something about women, with even the slightest associative connection. For example, we might be talking about pirates and mention the word "booty". Oh dear...You can bet he'll hijack the conversation right there, in a way that is offputing to some present :P

All such suggestions for him to improve himself would be helpful indeed and I agree - however, I think we both know, based on what I've said above that he can't be bothered.

I've asked him to do things and suggested ways that I could support him in self improvement. He ends up letting me down with my attempts and giving up before they start.

After 15 years of knowing him, I felt making this series was now a way forward for me personally, because he's interesting to me and I want to see if he ends up improving as a result of all of this, if nothing else. I want to express myself creatively and put out an entertainment programme that people will enjoy. Already some fan mail attests to that. Andy himself is happy that people like it too. I want on one hand to further my own creative catalogue and to make Andy known to the world as a phenomena, so that his friends and I don't have to suffer our pain at his ignorance in silence. So that the pain can be shared and in doing so, we start to feel better as well.

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