Sunday, 24 January 2010

Andy On Duz Andy Episode Two

Hey Andy here Well more madness with Episode Two I'm really not coping very well under pressure believe me that just makes my spelling even worse. Oh dear oh dear I can't believe how many times I said you know lol.well with the question rob was putting to me during my you knows haha well seriously I was finding it quite difficult to explain myself I watched the video back I just feel it came out wrong regarding my black woman thing. Anyway with my thing for black women that happened when a certain R&B star hehe the lovely Rihanna will basically I just started to notice Rihanna she caught my eye you might say hehe I just got knocked clean off my feet by her hehe so she began for me my interest in black women :-) and 99% of the time what I'm interested in now. I like alicia keys she's very attractive and Freema Agyeman (Mafia Jones) from Docter Who she's gorgeous too yes so people like that really.Episode Two was a bit awkward for me with me trying to get the colours well the spellings correct for the colours so yes I made a bit of a mess with those spellings lol :-). So please keep watching the episodes rob asked me to do some more filming recently so that's what we did and he had me do something different :-)

Take care every one and talk to you all later

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  1. Would you look at that? it's the man himself. WAAAAYYY! Andy! Thanks for posting. Yes, you do adore black women, especially those of the African area/background.