Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Playlists Set Up For 'Duz Andy Know?'

This should help you guys. I've now created several playlists to choose from at the 'Duz Andy Know?' Channel page. Just choose "Playlists" from the tabs at the top and you'll be greeted with the following playlist choices:

  • All Episodes
  • What He Duzn't Know
  • Famous Sayings Misunderstood
  • Get To Know Him Detailed/Longer
  • Challenge Episodes
So that should help you discern better what sort of content you're in the mood for. I want to give you the viewer as much control as I can, because there are so many different types of episodes. The serious involved ones where we talk about his trip abroad to see for the first time the African woman he met online are very different from testing Andy's knowledge base on the subject of religion, for example. 

Those who want to see shorter viral sized ones can just pick the "What He Duzn't Know" option for example. 
Those who want to know who he is, to explore his personality, his thoughts on things should definitely look at the "Get To Know Him" one and so on. 

Hope that's interesting!

All the best!


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