Saturday, 11 June 2011

Upcoming Episode Information

Here's the lowdown on what's coming up next for DAK.

The unfortunately numbered episode 69 will be '2 Girls, 1 Cup, 1 Andy (Reaction Video)'

Episode 70 will be called 'First Impressions' where Andy attempts (poorly) to do impressions of known celebs. We're just having some fun. He's not an impressionist.

Episode 71 is 'Singing and Playing Guitar'. Yes, Andy has a guitar and yes you're going to see him trying to play it and sing three songs of his choice...Curious? I bet you are.

Episode 72 'Andy Unseen 3 (Deleted Scenes)' Another chance to fill in yet more gaps left in the episodes themselves. A collection of unusual moments, many of which are good quality in of themselves but either didn't fit the theme of the episode they came from or simply made it run on too long. These things find a good home here. This ep actually has more singing in it as well.

Episode 73 'Andy On Dinosaurs'. One of my favourite DAK episodes ever. I really think you're going to enjoy this one a lot!

What else is coming?

Well, nothing else is numbered but, I am editing some things right now. I'm editing an episode where Andy and I are on screen singing harmonies and trying to nail the Beatles 'If I Fell'. The results are disastrous, so you might enjoy it.  :P
Also, I have some footage in the can of Andy talking about Disney characters, conveying the degree of his understanding...oh boy.

I hope that gave you something to look forward to.


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