Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Upcoming Episodes Guide

Here's the lowdown for you on what is to come.

I can nail down a couple of dates for you right now, firstly.

12th Sep Episode 89 - RE: R.E. 2 - Yeah, the series on religion is back. This time Andy confronts the topic of Genesis but a spider threatens to steal the show?

19th Sep Episode 90 - RE: R.E. 3 - We continue the discussion on religion, this time talking about Adam & Eve and other biblical matters.

Soon after we'll see episode 91 - Andy Unseen 5. More previously unseen deleted scenes or moments from recent episodes.

This will be rapidly followed by episode 92 - Andy & The Animals - Part 1 of a new trilogy of episodes where I test Andy's basic knowledge of the animal kingdom to find out if he's little better than they are!

Episode 93 isn't filmed yet. My plan is to make this the first of the show's updates and news episodes, where Andy and I tell you the viewers what is new with us and the show itself, plus a chance to look at any extra behind the scenes or knock on consequential moments from having made the show. Should be interesting right? I hope so,

Episode 94 - Andy & The Animals 2. Milking. A. Bull. Nuff. Said.

Episode 95 - Andy & The Animals 3. The concluding part of this trilogy that should give you viewers a stronger understanding of Andy's lesser understanding...if that makes sense?

Alrighty, that's your future sight divination done with for now. Ye must now look away from the scrying glass, lest ye be sucked into it for eternity, somewhere between the void of space inside Andy's brain and the hamster wheel inside his head with the skeletal hamster upon it.

Take care, all the best, see you soon!


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