Friday, 5 August 2011

Upcoming Episode Guide

Here's some insight into what is coming up next on DAK.

Next episode #83 will be titled: Andy Disney Know.
I will be talking to him about popular Disney productions and famed characters to discover if his skewed view of general events flows over into even this.

#84 will be a step in a totally new direction for the show. 'Gone Crazy Editing Andy' will be an episode featuring me, using the editing software to make the show but showing what the strain of having to edit Andy's foolishness does to a person...

#85 will be part 2 of the Disney episodes.

#86 will be the concluding part of the Disney trilogy episodes.

#87 & #88 are blank slates at present. I'm hoping I can get a couple of unusual types of episodes in here, to appease fans. This all of course, as always though depends upon Andy's willingness to do his part. For example, one viewer wants Andy to do an exercise video. This will require further than usual participation and effort on Andy's part and, well we know he's not too good with "effort" is he?
We'll see what we get done, but I will try my best to get something unusual in there if he lets me.

#89 Is going to be the return of RE: R.E. This time a focus on the Bible's Genesis. What happened in the creation of the Earth? What's it all about? Plus a spider totally steals the show!

#90 Another RE: R.E. This one about Adam & Eve. Does Andy really understand who they were?

# 91 This is going to be a 3 minute or so collection of Deleted Scenes from previous episodes. 'Andy Unseen 5' to go into the Deleted Scenes playlist.

Beyond that, I have no affixed ideas yet, except to say I'm currently working on some footage of Andy talking about the animal kingdom.

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