Thursday, 7 April 2011

Next Episodes Pre-Release Info 7/4/11

Next episode #51 will be titled RE: R.E. A religious based Q&A session where I test Andy's basic comprehension of religious knowledge. We had so much fun after all with Noah's Ark didn't we?

Episode #52  'Challenge Wrap A Present' will be exactly what it sounds like.

After that the current plan is to make #53 a new 'I'm Just Saying' episode where I test Andy's knowledge of known sayings and if he actually understands what they mean.

For #54 I either plan to run another general ignorance Q&A episode or use one of the viewer submitted questions. It's all rather good and I can't decide what to use just yet. When I come to edit it then we'll see I suppose. Either way, this will give you a clue to what the following episode might be about too.

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