Wednesday, 8 September 2010

So Not To Ghana Then...

Yeah, he didn't go to Ghana this time either...I've lost count of how many times he's now cancelled this trip. This time he put it off because he reckoned suddenly that he'd require some sort of invitational letter from the woman he's going to see, or else he might risk being refused entry into the country...She tried to convince him not to cancel this flight once more - telling him that this rule would only apply to African people trying to come this way, not to English trying to go there. He wasn't having it, or risking it. So now he's had to pay a £90 re-booking fee (again) and the trip has once again been moved forwards. This time the flight date is 3 weeks later, being the 21st September. Everyone who knows him is saying that it's obvious he's simply not going to go, obvious to everyone that is except him.

Oh well.

What makes this funnier still is that I asked him to write on here for you good folks, the reason in his own words why he didn't go. The flight was due 1st Sep. it is now 8th Sep and he still didn't write that blog post for you. He probably can't even remember his own password to log in on here. Not that that is going to be a problem to him anyway, because his general apathy about everything in life unless it's a cruise ship or a black woman would see that he doesn't even try to log on.

Andy Andy, what will we do with you, eh?

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