Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Where is Episode 10?

Andy has remained out of contact until today! I've finally managed to talk to him. He let me. lol.

He's having some real life problems right now, stressing about a situation with some company he's dug himself into strife with. I won't go into details. But with Andy, when he lets something like that bother him, it buggers him right up for doing much else.

I spoke to him and he promised to ring me tonight to try and set up the next filming session.
The plan was to give you guys an episode of general Q&A pieces, stacked. Questions you've never seen before, unseen bits filmed as we went along previously. It also meant a lot of running through cassette tapes of course, to find all the bits of footage to compile. With it having gone into the next week as it has, I don't want to wait as long as that to put an episode out.
Therefore, I'm going to try an avenue that was suggested to me by one of our viewers. A challenge.
It will take place over two days filming. But that's still quicker than the compilation Q&A's would have taken to put out.

We'l see if he contacts me tonight then...

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